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Best Practice for Embedding HTML Markup in ONIX Workshop
Thursday 20th April 2017, 2-5pm

This event is for BIC Members only. Further restrictions apply; see the information provided below prior to booking your place. 

Training provided by: Graham Bell, EDItEUR
Capacity: 30 delegates maximum
Price: BIC Members – £12 + VAT per delegate

HTML is used in ONIX records to provide formatting in various ONIX data elements, i.e. multiple paragraphs, bold or italic text, bullet points, etc. An array of issues, errors and/or omissions can occur when embedding HTML in this way. These errors affect both data providers and data recipients detrimentally and come about for a variety of reasons including the differing delivery methods of HTML by data providers (some of which are standardised whilst others are not). The huge variety of errors consequently result in many data recipients having little option but to ignore or else strip out any and all markup in the ONIX files they receive; and many do strip out the HTML markup from the records they receive even if the data provider is one of the few that has embedded the HTML correctly. 

This BIC Workshop will describe best practice for embedding HTML in ONIX records. It will outline the rationale for getting your metadata right, the specification to follow and how to carry out the work correctly. The Workshop will also include an open discussion about the issues, errors and/or omissions experienced by its delegates; examples of which should be brought to the workshop (see Delegate Preparation Work, below). The Workshop will then discuss advanced use cases, e.g. Table of Contents. Depending on the delegates in attendance, the Workshop can also discuss what application developers can do to support the best practice. 

This workshop will be of interest and relevance to users of both ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0.

Delegate Preparation Work:
Delegates of this workshop will need to bring the following with them (preferably on a USB stick):

  • Example records of their organisation’s data, ideally in a very small ONIX file; multiple examples from each organisation are welcome. 
  • Matching screenshots showing the same data in their management systems.

By registering to attend this event, you are accepting that your organisation’s metadata will be seen and reviewed by others. You will be asked to tick a box to confirm your understanding of this during the registration process.

Further Reading:

Restrictions apply: 

1) This event is for BIC Member organisations only. 

2) A maximum of 3 delegates per organisation are permitted to attend this event; the number of delegates per organisation will be monitored by BIC and should your organisation exceed 3 delegates maximum, we will get in touch so you can agree who should attend.

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