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International Identification for Authors, Publishers & Imprints: Using the ISNI Standard to Improve Discoverability & Rights Management across a Range of Creative Industries
Wednesday 28th March 2018, 9-10:30am

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International Standard Name Identifiers (ISNIs) facilitate the identification of millions of contributors to creative works and those active in their distribution, including researchers, inventors, writers, artists, visual creators, performers, producers, publishers, data aggregators, and more. Assigning an ISNI can reliably prevent the problems caused when two contributors have the same name, and help to pinpoint each contributor’s respective works for correct attribution, rights management, and discoverability. 

The ISNI system holds public records for over 9.5 million identities around the world – consisting of 8.85 million individuals and a growing number (over 700,000, to date) of organisations* – demonstrating the level of adoption of the ISNI standard and its relevance to multiple industries (including the music and film industries). Aiming to encourage the adoption of ISNIs further within the UK book industry supply chain, this BIC Breakfast discussed the ongoing development and adoption of the ISNI standard, providing updates on ISNIs for authors, publishers and imprints, the creation of a registry of ISNIs for organisations, and plans for ISNI metadata in Linked Data format. 

We heard from Graham Bell, Executive Director of EDItEUR (who was kindly spoke on behalf of Tim Devenport, Executive Director of the ISNI International Agency), Andrew MacEwan of the British Library and Héloïse Lecomte of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. In particular, Héloïse provided insight into the Bibliothèque Nationale de France’s current ISNI initiative with Hachette and other French publishers, explaining why organisations should assign ISNIs to ensure the discoverability of their products. 

* indicates that this figure currently stands at 708,298 organisations (January 2018).

This BIC Breakfast explained why the development of the ISNI standard is as timely as it is necessary for the whole of the book industry supply chain and beyond – as such publishers, self-publishers, data aggregators, distributors, libraries and many more benefited from attending.

Hosted by: Alaina-Marie Bassett, Business Manager, BIC

Our speakers included: Graham Bell, Executive Director, EDItEUR (speaking on behalf of Tim Devenport, Executive Director, ISNI International Agency), Héloïse Lecomte, Deputy Head of Authority Control, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, and Andrew MacEwan, Head of Content & Metadata Processing, The British Library.

BIC Breakfast Slides - International Identification using ISNIs, March 2018


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