BIC Metadata Map

Page last updated on 12th November 2018

The BIC Metadata Map project has been commissioned by the BIC Metadata Sub-Committee with the purpose of creating a map of the UK book industry’s metadata supply chain from the point of creation (with the publisher as the start point) through to the end-recipients of the metadata (i.e. consumers). The ‘map’ will be the sum of contributions from collaborating participants in the metadata supply chain and is intended to be published as an updatable, online resource for contributing organisations, to show where the metadata goes, what happens to it, who uses it, and how. 

Purpose of the Metadata Map
The goal is to promote an increased level of learning across the book industry with regards to other organisations’ practices by the mutual sharing of up-to-date information. BIC strongly believes this will help resolve issues and identify gaps / grey areas within the metadata supply chain.

Project Brief

Read the full Project Brief here.

Launch at London Book Fair 2018
This project was launched at the BIC Building a Better Business Seminar at London Book Fair 2018.

The BIC Metadata Map presentation can be found here. 

Progress Reports
The project will run over the next two years (from March 2018) and we intend to publish regular development updates on this page as the project progresses.

The most recent Metadata Map progress report can be found here.
If you are a BIC member and/or a contributor to the project and you'd like to view earlier progress reports, please email and we will send you a copy.

Contributing to the Metadata Map
Invitations for contributions to the Map will be circulated at an appropriate stage.

Terms of Reference for Contributing Organisations

Benefits Statement for Contributing Organisations


Please contact Peter Mathews, BIC Metadata Map Project Consultant, at for more information and/or if you are interested in contributing to this project.