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Territorial Sales Rights in Metadata: Rest Of the World (ROW) is Not Enough
Tuesday 28th March 2017, 9-10:30am

Sponsored by:  Bowkerlogo

Most often when publishers speak about ‘rights’ they are referring to publishing rights, i.e. the rights that a publisher acquires (directly or indirectly) from an author in order to sell a work. It is unlikely instead that they are referring to territorial sales / distribution rights, i.e. where the publisher chooses to / exercises the right to make a product available (to distributors, wholesalers and retailers). Although territorial sales rights derive from publishing rights, it is the former which is of fundamental importance with regards to metadata. A correctly expressed territorial sales rights data element will help ensure that your books are distributed / sold in the appropriate regions for the rights acquired.

The expression of territorial sales rights in metadata and the dissemination of this information are fundamental to the book industry supply chain however this process frequently causes issues for all stakeholders. The responsibility for supplying complete territorial sales rights, and expressing this information fully, in a consistent format, lies with publishers. ONIX for Books (particularly ONIX 3.0) helps publishers to fulfil this requirement, describing territorial sales rights in a detailed and structured way.

Attend this BIC Breakfast – which will take place on Tuesday 28th March 2017 – to learn how incorrect metadata for territorial sales rights can adversely affect your business, and the entirety of the book supply chain, including publishers, distributors and retailers. You will hear from a publisher, a retailer and an eBook distributor about the challenges of providing / ingesting / using this data, what best practice in this area constitutes and what can happen when incorrect information is delivered into the chain.

Hosted by: 
Alaina-Marie Bassett, Business Manager, BIC

Our speakers will include:
John Bell, Lead Analyst, Publishing Technology, HarperCollins Publishers
Lindsey Mooney, Content Lead, Kobo UK
Katherine Berners, Client Integration Specialist, Ingram Content Group 

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