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Book Industry Communication welcomes applications for this accreditation scheme for organisations operating in the library supply chain. The e4libraries accreditation scheme will enable successful organisations to demonstrate their commitment to electronic trading and other beneficial library technology. Beneficial technology chiefly comprises full-cycle EDI or other forms of e-trading with stock suppliers, but is often supplemented by implementation of RFID systems where appropriate and by efficient access to, and use of, bibliographic records, as well as the adoption of more efficient working practices in the supply chain.

The scheme is open to library authorities, academic institution libraries, library consortia or individual special libraries; library stock suppliers; and to systems suppliers (primarily suppliers of library management and RFID systems) and other service providers active in this marketplace.

Applications by libraries and library stock suppliers may be made using the appropriate downloadable forms below. Other applicants such as systems suppliers and service providers should apply in writing (via email) giving any relevant information to support their applications. The scheme is largely based on self-assessment, supported by the evidence of trading partners and service providers, and will be judged by an independent BIC review group. The group will be assessing applications as far as possible against quantitative criteria but qualitative considerations will also play a major part in its decisions.

Success for applicant organisations will be publicised; but any unsuccessful applications and the information provided by all applicants will remain strictly confidential.

Applicants may be interviewed about their applications and asked specific questions about any details which are unclear either before or immediately after the judging process. This is to ensure full understanding and a robust and fair accreditation process.

Accreditation will be granted for the calendar year in which applications are reviewed and may be renewed annually provided that criteria applied each year continue to be met. Successful organisations will be given an accreditation certificate and will be encouraged to use the scheme logo on promotional and other relevant material.

The e4libraries accreditation scheme is a unique opportunity for library organisations to demonstrate their often unsung expertise in the area of systems and library technology and their successes in implementing beneficial technologies which have improved the services offered by libraries and delivered efficiency gains and cost reductions over many years. If you have any questions about the e4libraries accreditation scheme please don't hesitate to contact Simon Edwards who will be happy to explain the scheme and help you with your application.

Click here for an application form for libraries

Click here for an application form for library stock suppliers

Click here for details of the systems supplier/service provider scheme


List of Currently Accredited Organisations

About the e4libraries accreditation scheme 

Presentation by Simon Edwards given at the NAG Conference, September 2009

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