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Data Communication Framework for Library Systems


BIC has commissioned of a new set of library interoperability standards, which define a framework for the communication of data between self-service devices and other library terminal applications to and from library management systems. This framework replicates and extends the range of activities commonly conducted using 3M's open SIP.2 protocol and additionally provides web services functionality for the exchange of information.

It is anticipated that further functionality will be added over time, as new requirements are identified by libraries and by their management system and terminal application developers and suppliers. Support for additional functionality in the areas such as stock management is under consideration.

Please note that the specifications are intended for pilot purposes only at present and will be upgraded to an implementable version 1.0 when piloted and implemented in live systems. Any organisations wishing to pilot or implement these standards should consult BIC before doing so.

Draft version 0.9 (March 2011)

SIP and the BIC Library Communications Framework

A paper by Mick Fortune, Library RFID (September 2011)

This paper explains the background to the development of the Framework and why it is so important to the future functionality of RFID and library mangement systems. It includes frequently asked questions about the Framework, and why librarians hold the key to its wider implementation.

Read it here.