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Page last updated 4th January 2019

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General feedback
The following statistics are taken from our feedback forms for courses held in 2018; statistics for BIC's training courses held in 2019 will be available by the end of December 2019.


  • 96% of our delegates would recommend a BIC training course
  • 91% of our delegates rated our trainers as excellent
    (the other 9% rated them as good)
  • 3 out of 4 delegates said our courses were extremely relevant to them 
    (the rest rated the course content as good)
  • 99% rated our catering & venues as good or excellent
  • 100% rated the time allocated for discussion & questions as good or excellent



BIC Metadata & Technical Training Courses:

Metadata Power

"Excellent introduction to the importance of accurate and timely metadata." - Christopher Norris, Jolabokaflod (Thursday 14th September 2017).

"It was very useful to find out that the table of contents is an important metadata field for Academic Publishers. I have passed this information on to our Marketing Team." - Anon. (Thursday 14th September 2017).

What immediate benefits have you gained from the course?
"An insight into the different roles within publishing and how they contribute to metadata production." - Anon. (Thursday 14th September 2017).

What immediate benefits have you gained from the course?
"A far greater understanding of how customers search, and how different retailers and outlets search and present data." - Anon. (Thursday 14th September 2017).

"The course was good and had lots if interesting insight into the different journeys that metadata takes." - Anon. (Thursday 14th September 2017).


ONIX: Essentials

What component of the training was most effective for you?
"The general overview given was really useful and confirmed [my organisation's] processes / feeds are set up correctly (but there is still room for improvement). Also the useful information on current standards and ONIX requirements in the industry." - Ben Almond, Elsevier (Monday 22nd May 2017).

Would you recommend this course to your training managers and/or colleagues?
"Yes, I have already recommended the course to a couple of colleagues as we need to improve / enhance our ONIX feeds to maximise discoverability." - Ben Almond, Elsevier (Monday 22nd May 2017).

What component of the training was most effective for you? 
"The second part of the course, getting to know the structure of the ONIX message and the actual tags. This was the most relevant part to my day-to-day job and also gave me ideas on how to improve." - Anon. (Tuesday 1st November 2016). 

“Learning about the detailed differences between ONIX 2.1 and 3.0 has provided me with greater understanding and knowledge to assist in my job  [...] Graham Bell is an excellent teacher making the course interesting even when the subject matter is not that ‘light’. He provides explanations in a clear and concise way.” - Angela Kendall, Nielsen (Monday 23rd November 2015).

Would you recommend this course?
"Yes, very informative, interesting. I learnt a lot." - Jessie Kimpton, Egmont UK (Monday 23rd November 2015).


ONIX: Advanced Topics

Implementing Thema

A Technical Introduction to ONIX & XML


BIC Production Training Courses:

Colour Book Production Explained 

Digital Printing for Books

eBook Creation: Investigated & Explained

eBook Creation: Advanced & Practical

Illustrated Book Production & Paper

An Introduction to Production

Mono Book Production Explained

Pre-Press for Publishing

Production for Non-Production People

Shipping Explained

Understanding Paper

Metadata for Beginners

"The over view and explanation of the use of metadata was excellent and the practical exercise really crystallised the information."

"The knowledge of the trainers and the small size of the course was perfect."

Bibliographic Metadata and ONIX

"I have already recommended this course to a colleague!"

"Quality of the training and knowledge of the instructor - Excellent"

Advanced ONIX for Books

"Information provided about the course and what to expect - Excellent"

"Quality of the training and knowledge of the instructor - Excellent"

"I would recommend this course due to the instructor's indepth knowledge."

"It was highly informative and the instructor was very good."

eBook Creation

"As someone who deals with epub in quite an intense way on a daily basis I still found this to be incredibly useful and very well delivered."

"I would recommend this introductory course to both colleagues and managers."

 "It was a great way to share ideas and discuss the ebook market and future developments." 

"Excellent layout and content. Plenty of discussion and sharing of ideas. Many interesting subjects covered."

"It is a really good overview of ebook creation that covers all the important areas but it also offers the chance to go over your own examples/interests."

"Amazingly knowledgeable trainer."

"A very lucid and helpful overview." 

"A good all round introduction."

Understanding Shipping 

"Seeing a container ship and the port really helped with understanding the process involved."

"Great overview with an interesting visit and a chance to ask lots of questions."

"I want to send the rest of my team."

"It was interesting and relevant to our business."

An Introduction to Mono Book Production

"Being on site at Clays made a big difference."

"The practical demonstration of the theoretical elements discussed were really effective for me."

"It was great to ‘see how it works in real life."

"It was very informative and engaging."

Colour Print and Paper 

"An excellent course. All the speakers were very knowledgeable. Engaging and informative."

"It was great to learn about printing and how to apply this to my daily job."