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BIC Realtime PlugFest 
Date TBC - Q1 of 2018, 10am-4pm

Following the publication of the BIC Realtime Implementation Guide (get your free copy, here), BIC invites your organisation to attend the BIC Realtime PlugFest in January 2018. A full day, hands-on event, this PlugFest will allow developers to engage first-hand with the BIC Realtime standard and begin / continue implementation. 

What is BIC Realtime?
BIC Realtime establishes a set of standard APIs to enable computers to communicate with each other via the internet in real-time, requesting information and receiving an immediate response. It is for virtually all book businesses which hold databases of information (e.g. distributors, wholesalers and data providers) which could be of use to their trading partners (e.g. booksellers). By implementing BIC Realtime (XML communication over the Internet), organisations can communicate much more quickly, obtaining real-time replies to their requests.

Find out more about the suite of BIC Realtime APIs / web services, here.

Who should attend?
Developers from organisations which are looking to find out more and/or implement BIC Realtime APIs / web services will benefit from attending this event. NB: Attendees will be expected to bring their laptops to this event in order to develop code on the day; they will be given the opportunity to test the code against sandbox applications that will be provided.

This event will focus on the use of Java and .Net but delegates are welcome to use any coding language they want on the day. This will be an ideal opportunity to highlight and try to resolve any interoperability issues between different languages.

Registration for this event will be made available ASAP. Watch this space!  

Please note that, due to researching a suitable venue and securing sponsorship for this event, the date of this PlugFest is as yet to be confirmed. The PlugFest will therefore not take place on Tuesday 16th January 2018 as previosuly advertised. It is BIC’s intention to hold the PlugFest in Q1 of 2018.


BIC's Library Communication Framework (LCF) PlugFest # 2
Tuesday 1st November 2016, 10am-4pm

This event is kindly hosted by   Capita logo

On Tuesday 1st November, BIC will be holding its second, full day LCF PlugFest. PlugFests are intended to be hands-on events that allow developers from interested communities to engage with BIC's LCF standard and see what implementations can be achieved within the day. 

Please note: delegates that register to attend this event will be expected to be able to develop code. Please can all delegates ensure that their laptop is capable of connecting to WIFI and is suitably tooled for the task on the day!

A full agenda and briefing document will be distributed to registered delegates prior to the event.

Further information about LCF can be found on BIC's website here, and on GitHub here.

Please note: only BIC Member organisations and/or LCF Consortium Members are eligible to attend this event. All other registrants will not be permitted access on the day, so please do not register if your organisation is not a BIC member or an LCF Consortium Member.

Further information about the LCF Consortium, its members and how to join can be found here.

Register to attend this event, here.

Not sure if you are a BIC member? Check our list of member organisations here


BIC Library Communication Framework (LCF) PlugFest
Tuesday 12th January 2016, 10am-4pm

This event is kindly hosted by   Capita logo

A full day, hands-on event, the BIC LCF PlugFest will allow developers from organisations belonging to the LCF Consortium to engage first-hand with the LCF standard and see what can be achieved within the day.

Attendees will be expected to be able to develop code on the day and in the room. As such, all attendees should ensure their laptop is capable of connecting to WIFI.

Each attendee, working either individually or as part of a small team, should expect to complete a simple software application that emulates either a client or a server for a web service based upon the LCF web service specification, and demonstrate that it will communicate, in conformance with the LCF specifications, with other software applications similarly completed at the PlugFest or made available by the organisers for testing and demonstration purposes.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to show and tell their successes and challenges with LCF and potentially suggest amendments which may be incorporated in LCF.

We want the developer / attendee to come away from the day enthused about LCF and equipped to report back to their respective organisations that it is do-able, it works, and it should be implemented. At the end of the session, attendees should feel sufficiently informed that they feel able to influence their organisation’s commercial decision makers to implement this framework. 

Attendees will be invited from the following groups:
i) LMS vendors with developers in the UK
ii) RFID self-issue client vendors

To see the agenda for the PlugFest, please click here.

To see the LCF PlugFest Preparation document for this event please click here. 

Attendees of this event are expected to read the above document in preparation for the LCF PlugFest. It contains information about how to prepare for the event, what attendees should bring with them, and what they can expect to be doing on the day.

Spaces at the LCF Plugfest are limited and will be allocated to LCF Consortium members on a first-to-register basis.

Register to attend this event, here.

Not sure if you are a BIC member? Check our list of member organisations here