BIC Strategy

Our Vision:
“We make the UK book supply chain more efficient by developing standards and encouraging their adoption. We define best practice and connect experts and stakeholders to enable innovation.”

Our Strategy:
The strategy documents listed below identify the key priorities required to deliver both our vision and ongoing value to members. A core objective will be BIC’s transition towards becoming a more transparent organisation offering value and accountability to its members.

For the next 3 years, the 4 overarching strategic priorities BIC will be working to deliver are as follows:

  • Promoting adoption of standards and best practice (including education and training)
  • Developing standards and best practice
  • Membership and financial viability: BIC’s business development
  • Connecting experts and stakeholders

The strategy also includes the governance and metrics required to manage implementation of the priorities together with high level objectives for the period. 

The documents listed below are in descending order of detail as follows:

  1. Strategy Schematic
    A visual representation of BIC's priorities for 2018-2020.

    BIC Strategy Schematic
  2. Strategy Summary for 2018 – 2021 
    Summarising BIC's overall strategy and approach for the next four years.

    BIC Strategy Summary 2018-2021  (updated June 2020)
  3. Strategy Implementation Plan for 2020 
    Detailing the tasks for 2020, with outputs and deadlines.

    BIC Strategy Implementation Plan 2020
  4. 4 x Implementation Priority Papers
    Each providing more detail for specific areas identified by BIC as being top priority for 2020.

    BIC Priority Paper #1

    BIC Priority Paper #2

    BIC Priority Paper #3

    BIC Priority Paper #4

Please contact if you have any questions relating to any of the documents listed above.

BIC’s 2018 and 2019 Strategy papers are available to BIC Members upon request via