TEiLA Transition Schedule

NB: This webpage will be of particular relevance to organisations which previously gained a BIC e4Libraries Award and are now looking to apply the BIC’s new Technology Excellence in Libraries Award (TEiLA) Accreditation Scheme for 2018/19.

For many years BIC has managed an accreditation scheme for libraries and their suppliers to encourage and award their investment in beneficial technologies and best practice. The scheme was called e4Libraries but after several years it has become necessary to refresh the scheme to reflect BIC’s current programme of work and today’s technologies. The new scheme is called the Technology Excellence in Libraries Award (TEiLA) and following a successful pilot, BIC will be accepting applications under the new scheme on a quarterly cycle as follows: 

Application period Applicants

Tuesday 1st - Thursday 31st May 2018

TEiLA Accreditation Panel Members
Friday 15th June - Friday 31st August 2018 Systems Vendors & Stock Suppliers
Monday 3rd September - Friday 30th November 2018 Public Libraries
Monday 3rd December 2018 - Monday 28rd February 2019 Academic Libraries



The old e4libraries accreditation scheme only received applications/renewals on an annual basis and so to manage the transition to a new quarterly cycle, BIC will email currently e4libraries accredited organisations directly to apply for TEiLA Accreditation in 2018/2019 as above.

Should any organisation wish to defer their application to the following quarter (regardless of applicant type) this will be permitted once and will only be possible during this transition period. 

Organisations will remain accredited for e4libraries until the new TEiLA scheme is available to receive their application. If organisations want to update their marketing information and require a new logo for 2018, please contact info@bic.org.uk.

Currently unaccredited organisations wanting to apply to the new scheme should find out all about it and how to download the relevant questionnaire, etc., here.

New applications / renewals for the BIC e4libraires scheme are no longer being accepted.