Library Web Services

The BIC Library Web Services project is working with the BIC Library Communication Framework (LCF) and NISO FASTEN projects to create a set of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for use in the library community. The BIC Library Web Services project specifically addresses use cases between libraries and their suppliers of physical books, eBooks and metadata. 

The list of APIs to be developed by this project is detailed in the Project Addendum. In summary, these are:

  1. Price & Availability (P&A) 
  2. Quotes List
  4. Order
  5. Order List
  6. Order Status Enquiry
  7. Order Cancellation
  8. Retrieve Metadata – MARC for a specified quality level (e.g. Skeleton, Best) 

T&FWG Meeting Sub-Group Meeting
July 10th, 2018:
Retrieve Quote
Post Order
July 17th, 2018:
Draft P&A, Final sign off on
Quote, Orders and Quote List

August 14th, 2018:

P&A draft message presented to Group
Retrieve order list draft
Order Enquiry draft

August 21st, 2018:

P&A draft - feedback

Retrieve order list draft - feedback

Order Enquiry draft – feedback

September 6th, 2018:

Final sign off on:

P&A message

Retrieve order list

Order Enquiry 

September 2018:

No meeting

October 16th, 2018:

Presentation of:

Trade Order Cancellation API to Group to sign off

Retrieve MARC to Group to sign off 

October 29th, 2018:

Order Cancellation draft

Retrieve MARC

November 15th, 2018:

Library Web Services 2018 User Guide

November 27th, 2018:

Library Web Services 2018 User Guide

December 13th, 2018:

Library Web Services 2018 User Guide

December 18th, 2018:

Library Web Services 2018 User Guide – final signoff

Project handover and closure. 

If there is both sufficient industry adoption of the APIs (listed above) and subsequent demand for others to be developed, BIC will consider running a follow-up project for additional APIs in 2019, these will be covered by a new policy document.

To find out more about the BIC Library Web Services project, see the following documents:

Project Brief

BIC Library API Policy for Implementers


The following APIs are initial releases for pilot implementations version 0.9. Please notify BIC when starting to deploy these messages and feed back any issues when piloting by emailing  

1. Order Request and Response API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD

2. Order Status Enquiry and Report API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD

3. Retrieve Order List API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD

4. Retrieve Price and Availability API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD

5. Retrieve Quotation API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD

6. Retrieve Quotation List API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD

7. Request Order Cancellation API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD

8. Retrieve MARC Product Information API:

API specification | WDSL | XSD