BIC Realtime for Libraries

The BIC Libraries Web Services project is working with the BIC Library Communication Framework (LCF) and NISO FASTEN projects to create a set of standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for use in the library community to specifically address use cases between libraries and their suppliers of physical books, eBooks and metadata. 

As of July 2019, this suite of library web services will now be called BIC Realtime for Libraries, (in-line with the BIC Realtime APIs which were developed for the book trade in 2016). 

The list of BIC APIs to be developed by this project is detailed in the Project Addendum. In summary, these are:

  1. Price & Availability (P&A) 
  2. Quotes List
  4. Order
  5. Order List
  6. Order Status Enquiry
  7. Order Cancellation
  8. Retrieve Metadata – MARC for a specified quality level (e.g. Skeleton, Best) 

To find out more and to see the initial BIC Library API v0.9 releases for pilot implementations, please visit the project webpage, here.

Information regarding the BIC Library API Policy and which organisations are endorsing it can also be found via the project webpage link, above.