Technical Advisories

The following technical advisories have been published by the BIC Technical Implementation Clinic (TIC) which may be of use to organisations that use EDI and/or APIs respectively:

BIC Advisory on TRADACOMS EDI VAT Calculator (August 2019)

BIC Advisory on Invoice or Delivery Note Provision for Book Deliveries (July 2019)

BIC Advisory on Changing Invoicing Systems and/or EDI Software  (July 2019)


BIC Technical Implementation Clinic

BIC holds a Technical Implementation Clinic for BIC Members-only that are involved in book trade EDI and are exchanging business messages with their trading partners via EDI or APIs (BIC Realtime). The Clinic meetings are informal gatherings which are held up to 4 times a year to enable BIC Members to discuss an EDI / API issue in detail and benefit from the experience of other members. Note that the issues covered do NOT include matters involving competition; thus all information exchanged at BIC Clinic meetings is in the public domain and is not subject to confidentiality.

From time to time all BIC members who use EDI and APIs to exchange messages with their trading partners will come across a problem or ambiguity which cannot be solved by reference to the Tradacoms, EDIFACT, etc. (EDI) or BIC Realtime (API) standards. Therefore the Clinic is a very time and cost-effective solution to these problems. BIC Members can simply dial-in to the Clinic meeting in order to ask their question(s). If an immediate answer is not possible, this can be provided by the Clinic members after the meeting. Occasionally a change to the guidelines or codelists is required and this can take longer to implement as any change has to be widely circulated amongst the membership before it can be published.

If you are about to implement a new EDI message or start to consume or deploy a BIC Realtime API, please don’t hesitate to consult the BIC Technical Implementation Clinic (by emailing, even if it is just to check that you are on the right track. Consulting the Clinic could reduce stress levels and save a lot of time and costs for your organisation. 

EDI is flexible and so there are several different optional ways of implementing messages. Some are methods that have become established in the book industry by custom and the Clinic will be able to help with these.

Who can attend?
Any BIC member can attend the Clinic in order to ask a question or pose a problem for resolution by the Clinic. Often these issues relate to how to interpret the EDI standards. Any issues should be raised for consideration by BIC in advance of the Clinic meetings by emailing

If you are an experienced EDI practitioner or expert and you would like to have a place on the Clinic and you can afford the time to attend up to 4 meetings a year, then BIC would like to hear from you. Please email BIC using the email address provided above. 

Date of the next Clinic meeting
Tuesday 8th October 2019. 

If you belong to a BIC Member organisation and would like to attend this meeting, please notify BIC via email at You will then receive an invitation to the Clinic meeting (which will contain the necessary dial-in details). 

Minutes from the most recent meeting of the BIC Technical Implementation Clinic can be found on the BIC Physical Supply Chain Committee webpage, here