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Green Book Production: 
Materials Matter! (Webinar)

Wednesday 24th June 2020, 12-1pm (BST)
Online / Webinar

BIC is the dedicated book industry supply chain organisation in the UK and as such, the environment is naturally high on our priorities for 2020 and beyond. Following the success of our Building a Greener Business webinar held in March this year, we are delighted to be launching a series of Green BIC Brunches. This series has been specifically created to explore key areas of the book supply chain that can and do impact on our planet’s environmental health. Each Green BIC Brunch will be dedicated to one key area and the series as a whole is intended to join the book industry supply chain together in one place – exploring and inspiring change in response to environmental challenges. Our June 2020 session kicks our series off with a close look at the materials used to create a printed book. 

Find out more about Green BIC Brunches by watching our first-ever videocast – presented by BIC's Executive Director, Karina Urquhart – on YouTube, here.

For years, regulatory bodies and book industry organisations have been working hard behind-the-scenes to ensure that the materials used for the production of books are as environmentally-friendly as possible. With environmental concerns high on so many organisation’s priorities, an update on both the book industry’s progress to date and the innovative materials already available to us seems prudent and timely.

This Green BIC Brunch looks, in detail, at the paper, printing technologies, inks, foils and laminates that our industry uses to produce its print products, with a view to establishing how far we’ve come to date and what future innovations might bring.

With speakers from Holmen Paper, CPI Books, Kurz and Graphic Image Films, this Green BIC Brunch takes attendees on a journey through the creation of a printed book, from paper supply to environmentally-friendly finishes.

This Green BIC Brunch will be of interest to all printers, publishers, booksellers, distributors, data aggregators and systems vendors who have a desire to improve the environment by making their supply chains greener.

The Presenter: Alaina-Marie Bassett, Business Manager, BIC

Our SpeakersStephen Holman, Head of Technical Support, Holmen Paper AB; Lisa Faratro, Customer Service Director & Director of Environment & Sustainability, CPI Books; Alexis Tonneau, Sustainability Project Manager, Kurz; and Jamie Beale, Quality Assurance Technical Manager, Graphic Image Films.

Green BIC Brunch Presentation Slideshow - Green Book Production

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Keeping up with your Metadata: A Lesson in Increasing Sales and Bettering Communications (Webinar)
Wednesday 27th May 2020, 12-1pm (BST)
Online / Webinar

The importance of good (i.e. complete, timely and quality) metadata is well known – as is its positive impact on sales (both instore and online)*. But what of its less well-known counterpart: keeping that metadata up-to-date? Why is this so important? What metadata changes most dynamically post-publication (and what should be fixed before publication)? How does out-of-date information impact the supply chain (and a publisher’s sales)? This BIC Brunch intends to answer these questions and more.

With speakers from EDItEUR, Nielsen Book and Hachette UK, this BIC Brunch covers: 

  • Block level updates
  • The Acknowledgement message in ONIX 3.0
  • Price & Availability (P&A) feeds
  • The BIC Realtime (trade) P&A API
  • How the BIC Product Data Excellence Award (PDEA) Accreditation Scheme can help publishers to monitor their metadata’s timeliness, completeness (and, going forwards, its quality)

* Nielsen White Paper: The Link Between Metadata and Sales

This BIC Brunch will be of interest to all publishers, booksellers, data aggregators, systems vendors, distributors, wholesalers and many more.

The Presenter: Alaina-Marie Bassett, Business Manager, BIC

Our SpeakersCecilia Rushton, Head of Editorial Operations, Hodder & Stoughton, the Headline Publishing Group, John Murray and Quercus Editions; Graham Bell, Executive Director, EDItEUR; and Clive Herbert, Head of Professional Services, Nielsen Book.

BIC Brunch Presentation Slideshow - Keeping up with your Metadata

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