Printers Despatch Advice, Version 1.1 (January 2010, corrected January 2012)

The Print Despatch Advice is an XML message intended for use between manufacturers and publishers' distribution centres and is the first in a series of planned messages to be used to communicate transactions between publishers and their printers.

The Print Despatch Advice is intended to provide early warning from printers to distribution centres of the future arrival of a consignment, including all details of contents, packing, number of pallets, weight, and time of arrival. Physical information about the individual titles included in the consignment (weight, dimensions, parcel size and content, price, ISBN etc) can also be electronically transmitted and preloaded into systems in advance of arrival to preclude the need for book-in-hand calculations and keying. Distributors can plan space requirements and prepare for releases of urgent titles.

The message can also be sent to third party publisher clients, to recipients of direct deliveries and to publishers' sales and accounting staff to provide triggers for consequent action, for quicker and more accurate invoicing, and for management information in the production and sales departments.

BIC Printers Despatch Advice Version 1.1

XML Schema for Version 1.1 of BIC Printers Despatch Advice