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Page last update on 21st July 2021

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The BIC Green Hub is designed to be a resource for the book industry giving advice and tips to help organisations become greener and learn what others are doing. We have created this section to share BIC Member initiatives and successes and would love to hear from you and what your organisation is doing in this space. We will be sharing this feedback across our social media channels as well so please do let us know what you are up to.

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Amazon Sustainability - Staying the course on our course to sustainability. This is a great overview on what Amazon is doing to be more sustainable.

Amazon announces a $2Billion climate pledge fund to invest in companies building products, services and technologies to decarbonise the economy and protect the planet.


Find out about DK's Green Pledge and how they plan to become climate neutral by 2030 

Leo Paper Group

Leo Paper Group have shared their 2019 Sustainability Report showcasing their environmental initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint and promote social responsibility.


Macmillan - Sustainablity and Reduction of Carbon Emissions


Paperless Royalty Management and Sustainability: How Automation Cuts Environmental Impacts

Pan Macmillan

Pan Macmillan's Paper Statement 

Two Sides

Tis the Season to Recycle. Why cardboard packaging is the preferred choice for online shoppers.

The latest EPRC Monitoring Report 2019 shows that In 2019, 72% of all paper and board consumed in Europe was recycled.


ALPSP commits to the SDG Publishers Compact for a more sustainable future. ALPSP signs-up to the Sustainable Development Goals Publishers Compact to encourage and inspire action in achieving the goals by 2030 across the publishing industry.