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Page last update on 8th February 2022

BIC Green Hub
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What is the Green BIC Brunch series?
The Green BIC Brunch sessions are a brand new series of webinars which we have specifically created to explore key areas of the book supply chain that can and do impact upon our planet’s environmental health. Each of our Green BIC Brunches will be dedicated to one key area of the supply chain, whilst the series as a whole is intended to join the book industry together in one place – exploring and inspiring change in response to environmental challenges. 

All part of BIC’s Green promise.

Schedule of events 
See below for a list of the upcoming BIC Green Brunches that we have planned for 2022:

February  Thurs 24th Green Book Supply Chain 101 Publishing Scotland Recording to follow


Registering for a Green BIC Brunch 

You can view all of our events and training courses on Eventbrite via this link.
Our Green BIC Brunches will be listed here as soon as they each become available.  

We look forward to seeing you at one, or all of them! 

Links to recordings of past Green BIC Brunches

Links to slides of past Green BIC Brunches


Here you will find a link to all of our past BIC Brunches / Green BIC Brunches including slides etc.

Suggestions for green topics you’d like us to cover
Finally, we’d like to invite you to tell us about any green book industry topics that you’d like us to consider in these events. You can get in touch via