The International Standard Text Code (ISTC): A Work in Progress
by Michael Holdsworth (March 2010)


The Identification of Digital Book Content
by Michael Holdsworth (January 2008)


Name Numbering for the UK Book Industry
by David Martin and Liz Potter (April 2000)


User Passports and Visas: understanding the role of identification metadata
by Liz Potter and Mark Bide (March 1999)


Unique Identifiers: a brief introduction
by Brian Green and Mark Bide (February 1999)


Barcoding for Books
The guide to bar coding standards for the book industry


Supply Chain


BIC Best Practice Guidelines for Recipients of Price and Availability Data
July 2011


BIC Code of Practice for Book Supply to Retailer Hubs
July 2010


An Introduction to the Book Trade
A Guide for Retailers and Resellers New to the Book Trade by Peter Kilborn and Simon Edwards (April 2010)


A Guide to RFID in Libraries
by Simon Edwards and Mick Fortune (November 2008) 


BIC e4libraries Project
Scoping report by Simon Edwards (January 2008)


e4books: The Road to Universal E-commerce for the Book Industry
Report by Simon Edwards (August 2004)


e4books Research Report on Hotlines
by Simon Edwards (May 2006)


EDI Best Practice Management Guide
by Tom Duke (2005)


Unlocking the Supply Chain's Hidden Prize
The 1998 KPMG report on the book industry supply chain




US-China Shipping Tariffs, May 2019
The PDF (above) is an update from Publiship on the proposed changes to the taxation of all new imports from China. This increased tax will impact upon Publishers, should it be introduced. 

Update June 2019: Following the most recent, regional British International Freight Association (BIFA) meeting, Publiship has confirmed that there has been no further progress made in relation to the introduction of CDS.  There is no timetable available as to when it will be implemented however, there has been further investment in the existing system “CHIEF”, to assist in managing the additional entries required by Brexit.

Update July 2019: There is now an updated timescale for rolling out the phased implementation (above), with plans for CHIEF to be decommissioned in March 2021 (with the last declarations being accepted in September 2020). This timescale could still change however.  We will continue to update this webpage as we receive news from Publiship.

Update August 2019: The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has now announced the next steps in the process of imposing an additional 10% tariff on approximately $300 billion Chinese imports. The new tariff will take effect on 1st September 2019. Read Publiship's full update, here

Update September 2019: The majority of printed books have now been added to the tariff list at 15% import Tax. Children’s books are due to be added to this list on 15th December 2019. 


US-EU shipping tariffs, October 2019
The World Trade Organization arbitrator ruled on 2nd October 2019 that the United States may impose retaliatory tariffs on the European Union for its subsidies to Airbus. Unbound, printed books from UK and Germany are included in this tariff; which is proposed at 25% and may be effective from 13th October 2019. Further information can be found, here


Customs Declaration Service, July 2018
The latest from Publiship on the changes to import and export declarations.


REACH Briefing Document

Registrations, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals - The EU regulation seeking to restrict and monitor the importation of certain chemicals into the EEA.


Securing Authenticity of Scholarly Paternity and Integrity
by Anthony Watkinson (September 2003)


ONIX for Libraries
by Celia Burton (August 2001)


Digital Preservation
by Mark Bide, Liz Potter and Anthony Watkinson (September 1999)