Step-by-step booksellers

How much you need e-commerce will depend on the size of your business (book trade business with publishers, distributors and wholesalers for books and related products). The important factors to consider are the number of transactions which are suitable for e-commerce and the amount of investment you are prepared to make.

Step 1: To decide your need for e-commerce take a look at the following table which shows the number of transactions (e.g. order lines or invoice lines) processed in your business in a full year, broken down into months and working days (assuming a 6 day week).

Order Lines/Invoice Lines    
Per Year  Per Month  Per Day  Need
500 41.66 1.60 None
1,000 83.33 3.20 Low
5,000 416.66 16.02 Low
20,000 1666.66 64.10 Medium
100,000 8333.33 320.51 Medium
500,000 41666.66 1602.56 High

Decide whether your need for e-commerce is low, medium or high.

Step 2: Now consider your business turnover in respect of products sourced from book trade suppliers (not sales of cards, pens, stationery etc.)

£50,000 to £200,000 Level 1
£200,000 to £500,000 Level 2
Over £500,000 Level 3


Step 3: By now you will have decided your need for e-commerce as low, medium or high and your turnover as level 1, 2 or 3. Use this information in the table below to click on the e-commerce code, which will be used to recommend the choice of services appropriate for your business.

Business Level Low Med High
Level 1 A B  
Level 2 C D E
Level 3   F G

There are two results pages, divided into codes: a to c, d to g.