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BIC Brunch - The Thema Sessions, 2022-2023  Online/webinars  #bicbrunch

For 2022-23 BIC is delighted to announce the launch of a dedicated Thema series of 6 BIC Brunches as follows:

BIC Brunch - A Guided Tour of What's New in Thema Version 1.5  - view recording here.

BIC Brunch - Thema (1 of 6): Adult Fiction - view recording here.

BIC Brunch - Thema (2 of 6): Diversity, Equity, Equality and Inclusion 26th May 2022 - view recording here.

BIC Brunch - Thema (3 of 6): Children and Education, 28th Jul 2022 view recording here.

BIC Brunch - Thema (4 of 6): Non-Fiction: Popular (e.g., Health, Travel, cookery etc.), 29th Sep 2022 - register here.

BIC Brunch - Thema (5 of 6): Non-Fiction: Academic (e.g., medicine, law etc.,) 17th Nov 2022register here.

BIC Brunch - Thema (6 of 6): Comics and Manga, 26th Jan 2023 register here.

Each session will focus on one Thema topic and will offer attendees the opportunity to learn more about that specific area of Thema first-hand, from the experts at EDItEUR – the organisation that governs, develops and maintains the standard. Attendees will also have the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from organisations that are already benefitting from the use of Thema in their systems, processes, and metadata workflows.

Additional speakers for each session will be confirmed nearer the time.

Tickets for all sessions are free for BIC and EDItEUR members alike.

Non-members are required to pay a nominal fee.

Who should attend?  

These BIC Brunch sessions will be of interest to anyone involved in the world of book subject classification, from publishers to data aggregators, system providers, service providers, retailers and so on. Attendees are welcome from all areas and roles within the book/content supply chain. BIC encourages attendance in particular from marketing departments, editorial, sales, metadata professionals, system developers.

The Host 

Karina Urquhart, Executive Director, BIC

The Speakers for BIC Brunch - The Thema Sessions (4 of 6): Non Fiction - Popular 

  • Chris Saynor, EDItEUR
  • Sarah Spencer, Cicerone
  • Third speaker to be confirmed

Can't make it?

If you would like to attend this event but cannot for any reason, it is now possible to watch our BIC Brunch and Green BIC Brunch sessions via the BIC YouTube channel. Following the event, the footage will be uploaded to the channel and a link will be provided on the BIC website, here.

Also, if you're unable to attend this event but have a question for one of our speakers then do get in touch. Either tweet at @BIC1UK using hashtag: #bicbrunch (before or during the event) or contact us at info@bic.org.uk (prior to the event) to have your question put to our speakers.

If you would like to remain informed about all of BIC's forthcoming events, including our BIC Brunch sessions, join our new Main BIC mailing list by visiting the following webpage, here


See links above. Tickets are FREE for BIC members and EDItEUR members alike.

Non-members are asked to pay a nominal fee.

Not sure if your organisation is a BIC member? Check here to find out: BIC Members List