What are BIC Breakfasts and BIC Brunches?


BIC Breakfasts were introduced in 2013 as a series of short (approximately 90 minutes), informal, monthly sessions for BIC members and non-members to attend before work, to discuss any book industry supply chain issues / successes / challenges of interest or concern.

Since their introduction, BIC Breakfasts have grown in popularity and their tickets are sold out on a regular basis. Each breakfast session focuses on a specific topic, offering attendees a unique opportunity to gather knowledge about this topic from experts in the field whilst networking and having a spot of breakfast.

BIC Breakfasts lend themselves well to both in-person (i.e. face-to-face) and virtual / online events (i.e. webinar). Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, BIC will be holding all of its BIC Breakfast sessions via webinar; these sessions will take place from 12-1pm (BST) to allow as many attendees (from as many regions as possible) to attend. We're calling these later BIC Breakfast sessions "BIC Brunches".

Delegates from both BIC member organisations and non-member organisations alike are welcome to attend BIC Breakfasts. For our in-person BIC Breakfast sessions, attendance is free (including breakfast) for all BIC members however there is a nominal charge for non-members. For our online BIC Brunch sessions, attendance is free for all (BIC Members and Non-Members alike).  

Spaces at our in-person sessions are limited to 30 people (maximum) in order to keep the event relaxed and informal - so don't leave it too late to book!


Schedule of Events 2020/21:

May 2020 Wed 27th Keeping up with your metadata N/A
June 2020 Wed 24th GREEN: Production N/A
August 2020 Thurs 20th GREEN: Reducing waste HP Publishing Solutions
September 2020 Thurs 10th Discoverability Nielsen Book
October 2020 Thurs 22nd GREEN: Distribution Penguin Random House UK
October 2020 Thurs 29th The BIC Metadata 
Capabilities Directory
November 2020 N/A Session postponed until Feb 2021 N/A
December 2020 Wed 2nd EDItX Sales &
Inventory Reporting
January 2021 Thurs 14th GREEN: Digital TBC
February 2021 Thurs 4th Returns & the IRI standard knk Publishing 
February 2021 Thurs 11th Library Communications TBC
March 2021 Thurs 18th GREEN: Libraries TBC
April 2021 Thurs 15th Accessibility for digital products TBC


Want to sponsor a BIC Brunch?

Please read the full Sponsorship Package proposal here.

If your organisation is interested in contributing ideas for a future BIC Brunch and/or would like to sponsor one, please emailinfo@bic.org.uk or call +44(0) 20 7255 0516.