What are BIC Breakfasts and BIC Brunches?

page last updated 21st April 2021

What is a BIC Breakfast/BIC Brunch?
They are a series of short (60-90 minutes), informal, monthly sessions for BIC members and non-members to attend before work, or in their lunch break to discuss any book industry supply chain issues / successes / challenges of interest or concern.

Since their introduction (in 2013), BIC Breakfasts have grown in popularity and their tickets are sold out on a regular basis. Each breakfast session focuses on a specific topic, offering attendees a unique opportunity to gather knowledge about this topic from experts in the field whilst networking and having a spot of breakfast.

BIC Breakfasts lend themselves well to both face-to-face and webinar events. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, BIC will be holding all of its BIC Breakfast sessions via webinar; these sessions will take place from 12-1pm UK time to allow as many attendees (BIC members and non-members alike) worldwide to attend. We're calling these later BIC Breakfast sessions "BIC Brunches".

How much are tickets?
For our in-person BIC Breakfast sessions, attendance is free (including breakfast) for all BIC members with a nominal charge for non-members.

For our online BIC Brunch sessions, attendance is currently free for all (BIC Members and Non-Members alike) although this may change (for non-members) in the future.

Event Capacity
Spaces at our in-person sessions are limited to 30 people in order to keep the event relaxed and informal - so don't leave it too late to book.
Spaces are our webinar events are not limited.

Schedule of Events 2020/21:

May 2020 Wed 27th Keeping up with your metadata N/A
June 2020 Wed 24th GREEN: Production N/A
August 2020 Thurs 20th GREEN: Reducing waste HP Publishing Solutions
September 2020 Thurs 10th Discoverability Nielsen Book
October 2020 Thurs 22nd GREEN: Distribution Penguin Random House UK
October 2020 Thurs 29th The BIC Metadata 
Capabilities Directory
December 2020 Wed 2nd EDItX Sales &
Inventory Reporting
February 2021 Thurs 4th Returns & the IRI standard knk Publishing 





GREEN: How Green is your Digital Content? N/A



Thurs 15th The Brexit Session N/A



Thurs 29th What is the Library Communications Framework (LCF)? Insight Media Internet Limited




Want to sponsor a BIC Brunch?

Please read the full Sponsorship Package proposal here.

If your organisation is interested in contributing ideas for a future BIC Brunch and/or would like to sponsor one, please emailinfo@bic.org.uk or call +44(0) 20 7255 0516.