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E4libraries accreditation scheme

Presentation by Simon Edwards given at the NAG Conference, September 2009

Changing Times for RFID?

Presentation by Mick Fortune, Library RFID, given at the NAG Conference, September 2009


NAG Supply Chain Seminars 2008

Presentation by Simon Edwards

E4libraries Library Systems Workshop

November 2007

Importance of standards and technology in the MLA's vision for libraries

Andrew Stevens, MLA

Setting the scene: what we hope to achieve from the workshop

Simon Edwards, e4libraries consultant

RFID and LMS: improving interoperability

Mick Fortune, 2CQR

Library supply issues

Tim Cotterall, Askews Library Services

Bibliographic provision and cataloguing

Lesley Whyte, BDS

Financial systems issues

Andrew Coburn, Essex County Libraries

The academic library scene

Alan Benton, Dawson Books

Havering Borough Libraries: EDI implementation case study

Kay Wellings, DS

LMS integration issues

Ian Manson, Infor Library Solutions