What is
the MCD?

The Metadata Capabilities Directory (MCD) is a vital new free facility provided by BIC that enables supply chain partners to share key metadata activity with each other.

The Directory is a secure database of survey responses from a wide range of organisations and by contributing to it participants are able to benchmark their own actions and identify potential improvements to their metadata systems and processes.

The Directory aims to represent actual metadata behaviours within the data supply chain and you will be able to update your contribution as and when your data activities change.

How can I join?

You can join the MCD by completing our MCD Survey, whereby you will be making a full contribution to the Directory.

There is no cost and it is only available to organisations that are BIC members.

You will join a growing group of organisations from across the UK’s book metadata supply chain that are providing information to the MCD about their metadata activities.


Organisations that have contributed to the MCD as of 22 May 2022


Only Supply


Receive and Supply


Only Receive

The MCD Survey

By completing the MCD Survey with information about the metadata that your organisation uses and how you provide/accept it through your systems, your contribution will be shared via the MCD with other organisations who have done exactly the same.

One authorized individual from your organisation should be responsible for completing the survey and for keeping the information relevant by updating your survey submission. Access to the MCD will be granted to that individual.

How will you
from your

Contributors will be able to benchmark their own metadata capabilities against the whole supply chain, against other relevant organisations and against the needs of their supply chain and trading partners.

The MCD can be used to identify:

  • Metadata gaps

    Product characteristics that could be supplied/accepted but are not.

  • Data transformation

    Where data quality changes as it moves through the supply chain.

  • Development potential

    Opportunities to improve product data clarity.

  • Metadata effectiveness

    Prioritise what is really valued by data partners.

How will you
from your

Several examples of key data points can be seen illustrated below, but the full Directory contains so much more. For more details click on the button below.

Key information from MCD contributions.

Data is generated directly from the MCD and updated on a weekly basis.

Primary Activity of Organisations
  • Publisher
  • Sales Agent
  • Physical Distributor
  • Wholesaler
  • Library Supplier
  • Retailer - Chain
  • Retailer - Independent
  • Retailer - Online
  • Data-Services Provider
  • Library
  • System Developer
  • Other Type of Organisation
Use of ONIX 3
  • Yes
  • No
Use of Thema
  • Yes
  • No
Use of Keywords
  • Supplier
  • Recipient

A Supplied/accepted in routine metadata updates.

B Supplied/accepted, but NOT in standard files.

C Not supplied/accepted.

the MCD

All new survey responses are validated and then added to the aggregated Directory on a weekly basis. When your contribution has been approved the authorised individual in your organisation will be provided with secure, read-only access to the Directory, enabling a view of all survey responses from all other participating organisations.

You are encouraged to review and selectively update your own submission regularly to ensure that the MCD continues to represent your present status. This, in turn, enables all other organisations to understand and respond to your current capabilities. On an annual basis we will ask you to update or confirm the information you have supplied to keep the Directory current.

Contribute to the MCD

Please click the link below and complete the survey as fully and frankly as possible.

It is an extensive survey but can be paused and resumed on any page.

Join the many organisations
who already use the MCD